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Kerala Man Builds A Fully-Functioning Miniature Mahindra Jeep For His Children

| Published on April 23, 2021

Any parent would do anything to give the best to their child. Whether it is a toy or a sweet sugary treat, a parent provides with all. We all have our childhood memories where our parents have gone that extra mile just to get us that one thing we really wanted.

A Kerala man, however, used his skills to give his kids something no one could have thought of. Shakir has made headlines for building the ultimate toy which is a miniature Mahindra jeep for his children to play with.

Shakir, a resident of Areekode in Kerala’s Malappuram district, has built a miniature soft top Mahindra jeep for his children that runs on electricity. Building this took around a year and Rs 1.5 Lakhs.

He did everything to make the jeep from wielding to coloring the miniature jeep. Shakir shared the video of his creation which has received a lot of appreciation online. He also said that he completed the project over 5-6 years ago but is happy to see people appreciating it today.

As reported by The Indian Express, the jeep has a 1000 watts motor, manual gearbox, power steering, detachable soft top, and headlights. Moreover, it has a driving range of approximately 60-70 km.

Ever since the video has been posted on social media, people have been coming up in numbers to appreciate Shakir’s efforts. In fact, many have even requested him to make one for them too.

The time and effort that might have gone into making this masterpiece are unimaginable but commendable. The miniature car is fully functioning and if you see the video you would notice the pure joy on the kids’ faces. They all seem to be loving this incredible gift from their father I’m sure.

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