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Kellogg’s Chocos Fills Made This Friendship Day A Little Crunchy With The #FillsUnfriendshipDay Campaign

| Published on August 15, 2018

Every year, friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August and it is considered as one of the most popular events in the marketing calendar of brands. Kellogg’s took the benefit of the occasion by launching #FillsUnfriendshipDay campaign in which the brand asked users on social media to share their crunchy ‘unfriend’ stories with an exciting gratification element added in as well.

Idea behind the campaign

Friends are one of the most precious parts of our lives and the bond is strongest because of all the funny moments of friendship which might be irritating but are still adorable! Everyone has such ‘unfriend’ stories that add the crunch to their friendship – Kellogg’s Chocos Fills asked users to share their stories with ‘#FillsUnfriendshipDay’

Using Brand Mascots

The best part of Chocos Fills messaging is using the ChocoRobbers – quirky mascots which connect with the target audience perfectly and deliver the message of the brand in an entertaining way. The campaign had the right mix of a story-backed content marketing plan associated with memorable brand mascots. You can look at some of the creatives from this campaign below:

Choosing right influencers

Kellogg’s picked right set of influencers for increasing the reach of this campaign, several popular influencers on Facebook, and Instagram helped Kellogg’s to spread awareness about the brand in the target audience.

Popular media houses like RVCJ Media also gave a boost to the campaign with some interactive memes.

Audience Response

Everyone responded with some really interesting and hilarious stories to show their love on Friendship day and the campaign generated more than 2300 entries in less than 3 days. Many used #FillsUnfriendshipDay to the best effect. This also led users to engage in conversations with their best buddies and feeling nostalgic. Soon the hashtag got popular on social media platforms with some worth reading stories.

Other brands need to learn from this campaign that users on social media are ready to participate in the campaign if it is something that relates to their real life.

It was a unique way to celebrate the spirit of friendship.

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