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Katrina Kaif To Enter Entrepreneurship With Her Own Cosmetic Label

| Published on May 29, 2019

Katrina Kaif, a name that every Bollywood fan knows. A name that gives people inspiration about how you might not know the language but you can still win hearts. A name, that never gave up and stood strong to work towards a successful career. A name, which has dominated acting and modeling careers and is now looking to dominate the business world too.

Katrina Kaif – The Queen

During her career, Katrina Kaif has been through a million ups and downs. Her personal life was always thrown up in the air with her name being constantly linked to actors like Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Akshay Kumar which led to many bad repercussions. She is one of the few actresses of her generation who hasn’t won many awards or received high critical acclaim.

Katrina Kaif

Yet, she is the only one who hasn’t let all of this stop her from growing, being one of the highest paid Bollywood actresses till date, having an amazing pile of movies under her belt and some really good friendships in the movie industry.

So, what sets her apart these days?

It is probably the attitude of Katrina that has made her who she is. Don’t stop and don’t let it go. She also learns from her mistakes which is probably why her personal life has been under the wraps for a while now and she very recently got active on social media.

So, for someone who doesn’t give up or stops, it isn’t surprising when they take a decision to do something different once they get wronged.

A faliure is a lot of time a trigger to success

Two years back, there were rumours about how Katrina Kaif lost a contract of a French mega cosmetic brand to Deepika Padukone over issues about behaviour and cooperation. Yet, since those two years, Katrina Kaif has been heard to be working on her very own cosmetic brand. So, not only did she find another brand contract but also decided to give competition to the one that left her behind.

What do we know about this new line of products?

The Cosmetic line of products is still said to be in works with plans of a launch at the end of this year. Moreover, Katrina Kaif has been known to be in constant touch with her cosmetic team and it has been heard that she was very active in the process over the past two years, building and guiding the system. Just saying, this would put Katrina Kaif in the big leagues with stars like Rihanna, Heidi Klum, and the Kardashians if the brand becomes a huge success, which we hope that it would.

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