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Karachi Bakery Faces Criticism Post Pulwama Attack, Look How The Bakery Responded

| Published on February 26, 2019

It has been over a week since the tragic incident of Pulwama attack took place in which 40 CRPF Jawans were killed and the people are still in grief. But slowly and steadily this grief is transforming into aggression and unrest among the innocent public. Bengaluru was recently a victim of this rage on 22nd February.

What actually happened?

Indiranagar, tiny locality off MG Road, was pushed into a puddle of baseless reaction to the Pulwama attack when a few miscreants targeted Karachi Bakery in the area.

A group of around 20 men broke into the bakery around 8:30 pm on 100-Feet-Road and raised slogans, insisting the bakery in Indiranagar to change its name.

The men who did not introduce themselves or their affiliation to any organization, enforced the staff of the bakery to cover the word “Karachi” on the signboard with the national flag. However, there was neither any damage to the property nor any violence against the staff.

The manager justified that the Karachi word has no link to Pakistan, the state who backed the Pulwama Attack, rather it was just a brand name which has existed for the last 53 years. Adding to his statement he said that they belong to India and are Hindus.

The police have already taken control of the situation and have provided security to the Bakery though no police complaint has been filed about the incident.

This act of the people of Indiranagar emanates their cowardness to the fact that we cannot unite among ourselves. Rather than creating nuisance in the public, it is the time when we must support the families of the soldiers who laid their lives during the attack. A name-change of a bakery or this kind of aggression towards Pakistan is in no way helping the eradication of Terrorism.

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