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Kalki Koechlin On Cover Of Magazine Through A Shot On OnePlus Gig

| Published on December 4, 2020

The OnePlus brand is popular for its advanced features that have made a steady establishment in the Indian market. The specs are great, and they are kind of high-end which makes tech lovers love the brand all the more. If you’re looking for an Android competitor for the Apple iPhone, the OnePlus is certainly worth the price. So what got its ‘Shot On OnePlus’ campaign trending all of a sudden?

Harper Bazar and Cosmopolitan, two popular lifestyle magazines just had actress Kalki Koechlin on their covers. The picture was shot on an OnePlus phone instead of a fancy DSLR! The newly launched OnePlus 8T 5G is the latest trendsetter which was used for the sheet and its stunning graphics have surely come to light with this new feature on the popular lifestyle and celebrity gossip magazine.

kalki oneplus

This phone has some stunning features, from a low light capturing feature, a huge battery life, a stable video lens, and more. This helped make the 8-hour shoot a success, without having to race to the nearest port to charge the phone! No lags, no hassles! By using OnePlus, both the magazines incorporated the new trend of digital cognizance, which is much required in today’s need of the hour where most individuals are trying to go through with work from home.

In addition to its image and video qualities, OnePlus also has two amazing features – the Work-Life Balance and the Zen Mode. Users can alternate between the two to give priority to either work or their leisure time, where they can spend it without any distractions. This makes OnePlus, rather, a necessity in today’s times.

Do you own an OnePlus? What do you think of this brand in terms of taking over the professional realm with portable and easy to use features?

Source: Afaqs

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