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Why Joy Personal Care Chose Anushka Sharma, Mouni Roy And Mithila Palkar As Brand Endorsers

| Published on February 16, 2019

Celebrity endorsements have been a favorite way adopted by brands to promote their products. And more often than not we see, that the brand remains unchanged for years, while the celebrities keep getting replaced. Sometimes it is about things not working out between celebrities and brands and sometimes, it is a matter of fresh approach or a younger face to endorse the brand.

Joy Personal Care is one such brand that has used many popular faces from the movie and TV industry. In the past Anushka Sharma, Bharti Singh and Mouni Roy have all worked as ambassadors for Joy Personal Care. But suddenly there is a new face that we see emerging as the brand endorser and definitely from a newer industry too. Yes, OTT actress Mithila Palkar has been signed on to represent their new line of products.

Mithila Palkar

“We wanted her as an endorser because she’s a big influencer with India’s youth today,” says Poulomi Roy, CMO of RSH Global.

“It’s no longer about being famous or a part of Bollywood. When it comes to Mithila, the context we’re setting her up in is very relevant for millennials and as a brand,” she adds.

While Anushka Sharma was signed on to endorse their line of face washes, the new premium segment will be slightly more advanced when it comes to delivering specific results.

The target group (TG) varies for each product, as does the TG for every ambassador. “The TG for face wash might be slightly younger than the TG for a body lotion. Anybody above 30 is my major target audience; about 25-30 onwards is a segment that goes for most lotions. For a facewash or a sunscreen, it’s a slightly younger crowd. Brand Joy looks to serve women in Tier II cities who are aspirational in their own rights,” she explains.

Bharti Singh

The ad campaign with comedienne Bharti Singh was aimed at breaking stereotypes and reaching out to common and unconventional people at large. They focus was to get away from the perception that the products are meant only for special occasions.

She emphasizes that the products are not so aspirational that they’re out of the consumers to reach, “It’s not just products that are made for the red carpet. We cater to the Bhaarat Janta by making affordable products with great efficacies.”

“We do not sign on a celebrity and think of creating an ad around her. We first craft the brand story and then find out who to pick,” says Poulomi.

With an ad featuring comedienne Bharti Singh, the theme Joy chose was ‘why can’t an overweight woman be beautiful?’ “We felt Bharti could speak the brand language,” she explains.

Mouni Roy

When it comes to Mouni Roy, the theme was that beauty with brains is a rare combination. “Her personality lent very beautifully to that concept. A lot has been said about her work on Naagin but the fact is, very few people know that she is a Jamia graduate. It’s the brand story that gets featured with the celeb. Anyone who sees the brand should be able to get a gist of the cultural language that it is speaking in,” Poulomi adds.

Even though some people believe that the brand should choose only one celebrity who can convey the brand essence well, but the reasons given by Joy Personal Care are believable enough and if the changing faces are working for different categories of the brand, then why not

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