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Journey Of Tanvi Johri; Pad Woman Who Got ‘Female Entrepreneur Of The Year’ Award From Jeff Bezos

| Published on January 18, 2020

Do you keep a track of social start-ups that are gaining a lot of traction this year?

Well, if you don’t, it is high time that you should. Not only because of the knowledge of a start-up success story but mostly because these start-ups have products that can be used and are needed by individuals in their daily lives.

With the rise in social media awareness, movie campaigns and respect amongst the world for removing age-old taboos, one particular social initiative has gathered limelight.

Tanvi Johri

Which social issue are we talking about?

Women Hygiene. Period.

A women’s hygiene and requirements are always bound to be well-sought and good quality to avoid infections, diseases, and rashes. However, mostly the sanitary napkins, which are crucial for any female above the average age of fifteen are often made of plastic that harms the environment by being non-biodegradable and still cost a decent amount.

This was a line of problems which were faced by Tanvi Johri during her childhood when she was too shy to share about the rashes and pain caused by synthetic sanitary pads. Infact, she faced the trouble through college and the start of her corporate career before she decided to take control of the situation.

Tanvi and her miracle story

As an employee in start-ups and with personal experience about the problem women face during their menstruation cycles, Tanvi decided to launch her own natural and biodegradable sanitary napkin brand.

She was clever to name it ‘Carmesi’ after the Spanish word which means ‘crimson’ and also have biodegradable disposal bags with her products. With a primary motive of easing female life and ensuring better women’s hygiene, today ‘Carmesi’ is one of a kind, raising a sum of 500,000 dollars from angel funding in a short span of time.

About Carmesi

Earlier known as ‘Elize’ and later a completely natural brand, Carmesi products are priced around 2.5 times the standard market prices of sanitary napkins. Yet, due to Tanvi’s research and personal marketing skills, she has now garnered a crowd of 70,000 customers who buy the set of 30 Carmesi pads at Rs. 749.

Tanvi Johri journey

The product is mainly available online as it is in its starting stage, fighting a hard battle to change the minds of the millions of people living in the nation. It has also launched panty liners as an additional product, testing the waters before going all in.

Moreover, the start-up ensures to also try and employ as many women as possible, in both warehouses and office branches.

Many women fight diseases like PCOS and struggle to find comfort during their menstruation time and Carmesi strives to bring safety and comfort during those days. One can only hope, more and more people realize the value of Carmesi sanitary pads not only for themselves but for the environment as well.

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