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JoinMyWedding Pays You For Letting Foreigners Attend Your Wedding

| Published on November 8, 2019

One of the best ways to explore the Indian culture is to attend an Indian wedding. The pompous ceremony is filled with cultural vibes. “Join My Wedding” is a website that lets tourists attend an Indian wedding as an official guest. As said by the website, ‘You haven’t been to India until you’ve been to an Indian wedding’. It allows people all over the world to actively enjoy the two to three days celebration which is a true display of customs and traditions.


Inception of the idea and the website

This global initiative was founded by Orsi Parkanyi and Marti Matecsa in the year 2015. They met at a wedding in Hungary and it was there that Marti told Orsi about her beautiful wedding experience at a wedding in India. Orsi thought of it as an opportunity to narrow the cultural gap among communities. A few months later, in Sydney, Orsi met Pallavi Savant who loved the idea and came on board as a Marketing expert and leader of the launch in India.

We looked at different countries and India seemed the best option because people there are really open to open up their wedding” said Parkanyi in an interview.

How does the website work?

The procedure for both parties is very simple. The tourists who want to be guests at a wedding can register themselves and then choose a wedding that they would want to attend during their stay in the country.

Similarly, couples who are open to the idea of letting travelers attending their wedding can willingly register themselves and open the door for explorers. The experience costs $150 (Rs 10,000 approx.) for a day and $250 (Rs 17,500 approx.) for two or more days. The money includes entry to all the wedding ceremonies and the meal. Transportation and accommodation are not included in it.

JoinMyWedding story

Bridges the cultural gap

The most admirable factor of the startup is that it brings joy to both the parties involved. People from abroad get a chance to explore all the facets of an Indian wedding. At the same time, the couple can crowdfund their wedding as we all know how expensive weddings can be.

Experiences shared by hosts and guests

Most of the hosts who register, share the fact that there are only some relatives and friends who tend to be dubious about the idea but then eventually everybody enjoys the presence of newbies. Likewise, the tourists explain the experience as unique and incredible. They are informed all about the rituals and are allowed to be a part of, which is a fun process.

The journey of JoinMyWedding so far…

The site attracted more than 50 users within the few days of its deployment. Parkanyi said that every time they have a wedding there’s another 50 couples who register. The organization has extended its operations across India such as Singapore and Florida and the operations took an intense turn.

Well, all I have to say, I am definitely registering for my wedding (whenever it is gonna be!) 😉

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