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Johnson & Johnson In Trouble As Cancer Causing Chemical Found In Its Baby Shampoo

| Published on April 2, 2019

With Johnson & Johnson failing the quality tests in Rajasthan problems seem to have grown for the company now affecting their brand.

Months after an official investigation was conducted by the authorities to check if J&J’s baby powder contains cancer-causing asbestos, J&J is again in headlines with it’s baby shampoo failing quality tests in Rajasthan after finding traces of the chemical formaldehyde, a known carcinogen in them.

Twenty-four baby shampoo bottles that were randomly put to test from two batches failed to meet the quality standards due to traces of harmful chemicals in it.

In the official statement made by Raja Ram Sharma, Drug Controller of Rajasthan said,

”There is a presence of formaldehyde, a chemical used as a preservative. Johnson & Johnson is now claiming they have not used formaldehyde in the product, but it’s showing up in the test.”

“We cannot tell how much percentage of formaldehyde has shown up in the test, but now since the company has challenged it, the samples will be sent for further test to a central drug laboratory,”

Mr Sharma said.

While J&J has rejected the findings of the report, saying it hasn’t used formaldehyde at all in the product. The J&J spokesperson was quoted saying

“J&J products are safe and its assurance process is the most rigorous in the world. We do not accept the interim results given to us, which mentioned samples to ‘contain harmful ingredients – identification positive for formaldehyde.”

With Johnson & Johnson a household name in India the news has surely left many in shock but we hope that J&J comes out clean on this.

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