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Johnson & Johnson Faces Trouble Again, 100s of Samples Seized

| Published on December 23, 2018

Johnson & Johnson has been facing a lot of flak lately and has been constantly on the radar in regards to the contamination of its products. Many complaints have been registered against the company in the past as well accusing of the presence of cancer-causing chemicals and asbestos in their products. Now following orders of Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), drug inspectors have seized samples of various baby products of Johnson and Johnson from wholesalers, retailers and distributors across the country on Friday, an official said.

Government’s Action

As per the government official, all products will be tested to check if they comply with the prescribed regulatory and manufacturing samples and also to check the presence of asbestos in particular.

“Around 100 samples of Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo, oil, soap, besides the baby powder have been lifted from wholesalers, retailers and distributors from across the country, which will be tested to see if these complied with all prescribed regulatory and manufacturing standards and to check the presence of asbestos,” the official said.

The collected samples will be tested at the Central Drug Testing Laboratory.

 “We have prohibited the company from using any raw material, including talc, for the production of the Johnson and Johnson baby powder till further orders. The Baddi plant has around 82,000 kilograms of talc stored, while the Mulund unit has around 200 metric tonnes stored,” he said.


A team of 100 drug inspectors has been deployed for this purpose.

The Side Effects

Long-Term Exposure to asbestos has documented health hazards on the human body. Asbestos fibers can cause fibrotic lung disease and bring about changes in the lining of the chest cavity. These diseases can further lead to reduced respiratory function and eventual death.


Some recent reports claimed that the American multinational pharmaceutical giant allegedly knew for decades about the presence of cancer-causing asbestos in their product.

Brand Speak

“The tests have been conducted in the regular way in which the FDA collects samples,” the company spokesperson said, “we have scientific evidence to prove that our talcum powder is safe and beneficial for use.”

The company pointed out that in the past, authorities in India like the FDAs and the CDSCO have confirmed that its products comply with Indian standards and are free of asbestos.

“We unequivocally stand by the safety of our products, which are fully compliant with regulatory standards and requirements in India. We will continue to work with the regulatory authorities,” the spokesperson had said.

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