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Jio’s Growth Hacking Strategy Makes Airtel Lose Its 10 Years Old Customer

| Published on July 16, 2018

There is no doubt that the introduction of Reliance Jio has transformed the telecom market by providing best data plans for users. Jio has overpowered other brands too in many aspects and even players like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea are feeling the heat as they have lost customers because of Jio in a very short span of time.

Jio's Growth Hacking Strategy Makes Airtel Lose Its 10 Years Old Customer

Customers have now started to show their disappointment over Airtel’s services and there are several examples which prove that Jio is becoming the “Customer-friendly” brand. A customer named Amardeep Singh took to Twitter to express his anger over Airtel.
He wrote: I am writing this post to highlight this to everyone that how irresponsible, arrogant and inefficient you have become! Refer below details:
I have been using Airtel from more than 10 years and in the month of May I went to Airtel center to link my Aadhar Card wherein one of your representative told me about Family Plan offer. I opted and included my secondary Airtel number (9650011886) in Family Plan offer. As part of offer, i am entitled to 50 GB of data per month. However, till date, forget 50 GB, Data services are not even running on the secondary number!! Complaint in this regard was first submitted on 27th May. Airtel representative suggested different workarounds which were tried many times but nothing worked out. As a last resort, they asked me to get the SIM checked at Airtel’s center and get it replaced if the problem persists. As you might have guessed correctly, I got the SIM replaced. However, even that didn’t work!! Subsequent complaints were made after that. Below are the dates on which the complaints were made.
28th May, 1st June, 29th June, 30th June, 1st July, 3rd July, 6th July, 9th July, 15th July- last and final complaint as I had enough!!

Jio was quick to recognise the opportunity and a representative from the company replied

Amardeep was happy to pick Jio and he shared his details right away:

Jio greeted him and ensured to do the necessary process at the earlist.

This is not the first case when Jio has made Airtel users to switch their networks. Earlier a customer named Shubham Sahoo had also expressed his disappointment and Jio ended the whole thing by making him use Jio. You can check the below tweets to read the whole convo between Shubham, Airtel and Jio.

Jio knows how to play smartly in the competitive telecom market. The same was proved when Paytm chief Vijay Shekhar Sharma tweeted a screenshot of his Airtel mobile application and said

Jio's Growth Hacking Strategy Makes Airtel Lose Its 10 Years Old Customer

Replying to this, Jio offered him 56GB mobile broadband plan for Rs 499 and tweeted “@vijayshekhar Ab aur koi nahi (Now no one else)…#Jio Karo! (Do Jio) Why pay 2999 when u can get 56GB @499 without calling us,”

Shekhar accepted the offer with joy as he wrote : “Now that you have said it, will get a #jio life flavour soon.

We appreciate how Jio is serving customers in such an efficient manner using the growth hacking strategy. Other companies should learn from Jio if they want to win the hearts of customers as fooling them is not a good idea to stay in the market.

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