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Japanese Startup Launches Balloon-Based Space Viewing Tour

| Published on March 6, 2023

“Why should billionaires have all the fun? Japanese startup unveils a very affordable space balloon that will take tourists to the edge of the earth.”

A Japanese business revealed plans to begin commercial space gazing balloon flights on Tuesday, hoping to bring an otherwise prohibitively expensive experience closer to the ground.

Passengers don’t have to be multibillionaires, go through intense training, or speak a foreign language to ride in a rocket, according to company CEO Keisuke Iwaya.

Iwaya told reporters, “It’s safe, economical and gentle for people,” Iwaya told reporters. “The idea is to make space tourism for everyone.” He declared his desire to “democratise space.”

If Japanese firm Iwaya Giken keeps its word, you’ll be able to cross-traveling to space and back off your bucket list. The company introduced commercial space observation balloon rides that are available to everybody, even if you’re not a millionaire, taking the exclusive out of space travel. At a press conference in Tokyo, company CEO Keisuke Iwaya reassured the audience that now the space balloon was indeed a reliable and economical space travel alternative. The vehicle is a spherical glass balloon featuring two seats for the pilot and passenger.

Keisuke Iwaya added “It’s safe, economical, and gentle for people. “The idea is to make space tourism for everyone.” Iwaya Giken has spent ten years working on the idea to create an unbreakable two-seat glass balloon that can soar to a height of 25 kilometers (15 miles). Travelers may see the breathtaking curvature of the Earth from this vantage point.

When the business is prepared for a business trip, the company will work on the project in conjunction with the big Japanese travel company JTB Corp, who joined forces with them. A flight would initially cost approximately 24 million yen, although Iwaya claimed he hopes to eventually reduce the price to a few million yen.

Iwaya stated that his goal is to increase access to space, even though Japanese space startups have lagged behind American firms like SpaceX.

After two years of launching astronauts to the “International Space Station” on NASA’s behalf, SpaceX transported three wealthy businessmen and an astronaut escort to the orbiting lab in April for $55 million apiece.

The space viewing ride application period began on Tuesday and will go until the end of August. Flights will be around a week apart, subject to weather conditions, and the first five tourists will be revealed in October, according to business executives.

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