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Janmashtami: 5 Brand Lessons To Learn From The Great Lord Krishna

| Published on August 24, 2019

Today on the beautiful occasion of Janamashtami, here’s something about the great Lord Krishna. The character of Lord Krishna leaves all of us in wonder, apart from the massive book of lessons each one of us can learn from. There are also a few aspects from the life of Lord Krishna that can also be helpful for the brands to strategize well.


Let me give you a quick sneak-peek of the top 5 brand lessons:

1. Inspiring people

When Draupadi was asked to marry five men, it was Krishna who gave her hope and also, when Arjuna lost the courage to fight, it was Krishna who inspired him and motivated him to stick to his goals. In the same way, the brand managers must inspire the whole team to keep going towards the goal, no matter what, and help them fight all odds.

2. Being fearless

There was this incident that took place when he was very young. It so happened that the ball fell in the Yamuna River which was full of snakes. Krishna knew that he could be killed but he still jumped in that river to grab the ball. Long story short, the brand managers should focus on their goals and should not fear obstacles and also not let the employees deviate from their goals.

3. Staying grounded

Krishna’s life went through various changes and evolutions. From being born in a prison to acquiring the throne, he never flaunted his powers and supremacy to people which made him everyone’s favorite. Even the brand goes through multiple evolutions, that is, from a simple name to a big brand logo. But what stays is the principles and the ideals that they started with, and the brand manager should be the one who must set the grounds in the first place.

Janmashtami: 5 Brand Lessons To Learn From The Great Lord Krishna

4. Patience is what gives you success

Lord Krishna used up all his strength and gave a lot of time in devising the plan against his enemy, Kansh. This patience led him to become a winner. As a brand owner, it must always be kept in mind that a brand manager should challenge brands bigger than his own brand, only if he has armed his brand. And as a brand arming yourself means getting the right people to work at the right place and at the right time.

5. Giving solutions instead of just preaching

The concept is very simple, that is, people want brands that will solve their problems more, rather than just hearing them preaching about themselves and the things they can do. Brands need to provide the right product with the right services to the right people. Even if we see Lord Krishna, he, always solved everyone’s problems, that too from his childhood days. His list of problem-solving is never-ending – from Sudama’s misery to Draupadi’s dilemma, everything found his shelter without a lot of boasting!

Apart from all these, one thing that motivates the brands more and more to work harder is, the feedback which they get from their customers and friends. If the feedback is genuine and true, a brand manager then exactly knows where his key focus must actually lie.

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