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Jack Ma’s Comeback Surges Alibaba’s Stock & Netizens Came Up With Meme Fest

| Published on January 22, 2021

Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma was untraceable for the last three months. Many wondered if he was just laying low or possibly dead. Finally, he emerged recently at a video conference addressing 100 villagers. Ma’s companies received a direct hit after being subject to China’s implications due to the coronavirus pandemic. He is one of the most recognizable tech entrepreneurs and his come back has sparked interest amongst his fans who have resorted to memes to offer him a grand welcome.

And quite evidently so! The Chief Reporter of Global Times-News, Qingqing Chan, also published an article mentioning ‘JackMa not disappear’.

This is Ma’s first public appearance since last October. Moreover, after he emerged, Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. saw a rise in stocks.

These are some of the hilarious reactions that Twitter users utilized phrases, comparisons to famous dialogues and movies, and more to bring in his re-appearance.

Fans from India took references from Shivaji and Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Deewar’ to bring the much-required twist we needed!


Alibaba plans on raising $5 billion USD by using bonds in US dollar bills. Coincidence? We think not!

Will Jack Ma’s return pose a threat to the Chinese government? What does this have to say about Alibaba’s rise again?

Alibaba was the hub of everything affordable and trendy and the largest Chinese e-commerce website ever known. It shut down to export in India. Maybe, we will be able to see more of Ma this year.

Here are some other relatable memes that have won the Internet with their creativity.

This guy currently pointed it out! Seems like a new era for most of us.

What do you think will be the future of Jack Ma and Alibaba holdings?

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