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ITC Launches A New Namkeen Range Sparking Rivalry Debate With Kurkure

| Published on February 1, 2021

The brand rivalry has always been there and every now and then we get to see them taking a dig at one another in the name of marketing. It has become common for brands to talk about their rivals in their ad campaign. In fact, some brands take it up on social media to make their rivalry known and open to the world.

However, it may seem that ITC‘s Bingo is planning to take on more than one rival brands with their latest ad campaign.

The latest ad campaign by ITC introduces the new ‘Tedhe Medhe’ namkeen range. The name itself reminds us of PepsiCo India’s snack brand Kurukure and may open up a discussion on the rivalry.

Kurkure had introduced the tagline ‘Tedha hai par mera hai‘ many years back and the ad campaign that followed have left a lasting impression on its consumers resulting in the desired sales over the years.

The ‘Tedhe Medhe’ snack range introduced by Bingo includes Pulse Mix, Cocktail Mix, Aloo bhuji and Nut Crackers.

A market research firm Nielsen in a November 2020 report that the snack and beverage industry accounts for one-third of the FMCG sales in the country. However, as per Lloyd Mathias, Angel Investor and former executive VP marketing, beverages, PepsiCo South Asia, 95% of the snack market is an ‘unorganized sector’ in India.

He also added that all the major namkeen brands in the country are dealing in a small sized space. This makes Bingo’s entry in the namkeen market a very welcomed move since this will broaden the market scope for the brand undoubtedly and even give way to a healthy competetive spirit.

Which will ensure a guarantee of quality to all the customers since brand will compete now in terms of puruty, hygiene, quality of ingredients, etc.

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