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Ishan Goel, The 19-Year-Old Marketing Strategist Behind The Viral ‘Egg’ Picture

| Published on January 23, 2019

Oh, were you aware that Instagram has a yearly award for the most liked picture? Oh, well, now you do.

Till a few days back, the record was held by famous social media and TV star, Kylie Jenner. It held the record of 18 million likes.

Change is the only constant

Now there seems to be a new champion in the social market. With a brilliant record of 50.4 million likes, (which is rising everyday) a new picture is the King. Can you guess what the picture is? It is the picture of an Egg. Yes, you heard that right. An Egg.

Picture of an Egg? Yes, Picture of an Egg

The picture, which is a very perfectly placed and simplistic shot one, has garnered a huge amount of likes and posts in its name. The photo was posted on the 4th of January by an anonymous UK based account @world_record_egg. The account, otherwise, had an active following of 7.7 million. According to various reports, it was shot by photographer Sergey Platonov.

Who is the Chicken here?

The egg was actually the brainchild of a 19-year-old, Indian origin brand marketing strategist, Ishan Goel. In a statement, as said to FEMAIL, he said, “I won’t go into too many specifics about the secret sauce, but I can say that I worked to garner attention for the page on Reddit, reached out to media really early on, and told all of the celebrities and influencers in my network to help push it. I would like to give all credit to the chicken who laid this egg. They were the spark. I was the gasoline

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Well, doesn’t this incident tell a lot about society and its unity today? It is social media that can have so much power and influence over people at large. Also, let’s now understand this it is not just celebrities that make a difference or use a platform like Instagram to their advantage. Instagram is working wonders for a lot of common people too.

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