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Investigation Reveals Club Factory Is Selling Fake Products

| Published on December 2, 2019

We all have, at least once, scrolled through the Club Factory App reason being their attractive products, heavy discounts and affordable prices on almost everything.

Many of us have even placed orders on this app for one or the other thing we got tempted towards. Right now, this app is one of the fastest-growing Chinese apps in India. But is it really in the right lane? Let’s find out.

Club Factory’s Fake Products

club factory

In order to stick their feet firm in the Indian E-Commerce market, this application is delivering fake products to the customers and labeling the same as ‘high quality’ which is just being shown in pictures and actually not true. A recent inspection has revealed that these people have tagged their fake products as ‘CF Certified’ just to gain clients’ interest and sell more.

They are giving extremely heavy discounts on their products according to recent revelations. A Titan watch worth Rs. 3499 is priced as Rs.699 after a heavy discount of 86%.

The perfumes by Chanel (No.5 & Gabrielle) were offered at Rs. 420 after a discount of 87%, something unbelievable and forces people to doubt the originality of the products they offer.


Club Factory Orders

If they are really serving truly to the customers, then why their orders have dropped a considerable amount since the beginning of 2019? Probably, because their customer service is poor, they deliver fake/fraud products, their picturization on the application does not match the delivered product.

The Facebook Page of Club Factory is flooded with complaints from buyers regarding their return and exchange policy.

It has also been seen that there are thousands of fake marks on their products on their application by authentic users but on top of that, there are hundreds of fake accounts processed on this app that happen to comment in the favor of the product. Looks like Club Factory thinks it is enough.

In solution to remove these frauds from the market, the Consumer Affairs Ministry to introduce some brand new strategies and policies. Hopefully, they will result in better satisfaction of consumers and trustworthy online shopping platforms.

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