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Internship With Pay of Rs 1500 Monthly Has Sparked A Discussion On Twitter

| Published on February 4, 2021

It has become difficult in today’s time to find a job that you love and are getting well paid for as well. While there are not many jobs that fulfill all of our wishes and even do justice with our qualification background and skill. In fact, there are some that may leave us disappointed more than ever.

With the decline in the economy and the pandemic causing paycuts and an unimaginable employement crisis, finding a suitable job, fulltime or internship, has become challenging more than ever.

However, there has been one job opening that has taken us all by shock. A Twitter user, Astha Upadhyaya, recently shared an internship job oppening that is paying Rs.1500 monthly stipend. Soon after, her post went viral and sparked a debate online on whether this was an appropriate amount.

People were left wondering if this was a joke or did the employer actually belive that the pay they are offering is reasonable. Infact, someone even joked that the amount was infact ‘lunch money’ than a pay againsta your job.

People also discussed how internship in India has been given no importance ever and has been exploited the most.

Someone pointed out that it would have been better if they would have shared it as an unpaid internship keeping it honest and not trying to dignifying the shockingly low pay.

One Twitter user shared how there was a job that was offering Rs 500 monthly salary for a 10 hour shift.

However, the most common discussion on the post was how many students from different fields have been working free around the clock in the name of internship in the country. From medical graduates to chartered accountants, the years that they give as unpaid employees have never been highlighted much before.

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