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AI-Generated Pizza Ad Gone Viral. Netizens Reacted

An AI-generated pizza ad has taken the internet by storm, leaving many people shocked and amazed at the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

| Published on April 30, 2023

The advertisement promotes a franchise called ‘Pepperoni Hug Spot’, which claims to fulfill the desires of pepperoni lovers by providing them with their favorite food.

The internet is buzzing with pizza advertising that has been generated by artificial intelligence (AI). As of now, AI’s text-to-image capability has advanced quickly. But this is conceivably the first time that a video of a dish that is served all over the world has been produced using the prompts.

The advertisement, which features a made-up pizza brand, was initially uploaded on Reddit and then spread to other social media sites like Twitter. The users are astounded and impressed by how powerful the AI is growing.

Everything in the video, including the audio and graphics, was generated using AI. Social media users claim that ChatGPT created the screenplay, MidJourney provided the graphics, Runway Gen2 provided the video, and Eleven Labs provided the voiceover.

Watch The Video Here:

Video was made by a user with the Twitter handle @Pizza_Later, who stated that he “generated all the assets and then spent the better part of my afternoon assembling in AE with graphics etc.”

The advertisement speaks about an imaginary franchise known as “Pepperoni Hug Spot” that may fulfil the pepperoni fantasies of food lovers.

“Are you ready for the best pizza of your life? Bring your friends down to Pepperoni Hug Spot. Our chefs make pizza with heart and special touch – cheese, pepperoni, vegetable, and more secret things. Need delivery? Pizzas come fast. Knock knock, who’s there? Pizza magic. Eat Pepperoni Hug Spot pizza. Your tummy says thank you, your mouth says Mmm…” says the AI voiceover.

The motto of the AI restaurant was “Like family, but with more cheese.”

Twitter reactions to AI-generated pizza commercial

Reactions to the horrific pizza advertising are flooding in. Even Pizza Hut joined in, joking that the advertisement gives them the chills. A user made fun of the advertisement’s creepy realism and smokey arm. Although, AI is completely ignorant of human anatomy in motion. Not everyone, though, is negative about AI’s capabilities. Although recent AI images are impressive, AI videos still have a few years to go.




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