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International Women’s Day Campaigns 2023

| Published on March 13, 2023

Brands celebrated the inventive energy, leadership, and greatness of women via their advertisements on International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month have developed into significant tentpoles for marketers throughout the world who want to recognize the achievements of women and further the fight for gender equality.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #EmbraceEquity that focus on “gender equity needs to be part of every society’s DNA”.

Here is how a few brands are promoting women’s day.


The “Tech the First Step” campaign promotes the idea that women should be given the opportunity to learn more about technology to help them take the first step towards greater independence. This campaign promotes inclusion and gender norms in the IT industry.


Amazon India marked Women’s Day by adopting the ‘She Is Amazon’ campaign, focusing on promoting equality for women.

Amazon India has unveiled a doodle as part of this year’s #SheIsAmazon campaign that highlights the different programmes, incentives, policies, and initiatives that Amazon India has introduced over the years. Several initiatives and programmes have been put in place to assist women’s growth & career development as well as to expand the representation of women in the workforce.


On the day marking International Women’s Day, Gritzo, a Healthkart brand that offers customized nutrition drinks for kids, introduced its most recent campaign, #RemoveTheTag. The initiative honors female business owners who have effectively shed their traditional constraints.

A video series highlighting three well-known female entrepreneurs, including Shivani Popat, co-founder of Rashki, Tapasya Sharma, co-founder of Gnist Fashion, and Earth Rhythm founder and CEO Harini Sivakumar, who debut as part of the campaign.


Adidas has a campaign promoting their female athletes that was unveiled on International Women’s Day. The movie exhorts women in sport and beyond to accept their diversity and express it authentically.

Manika Batra, Ashalata Devi, Mirabai Chanu, Nikhat Zareen, Lovlina Borgohain, Palak Kohli, Shaili Singh, and Hima Das are among the eight female athletes who appear in the movie and can be seen sporting the brand-new collection of bras and leggings. This collection meets all workout needs for studio, all-gym, HIIT, and running, with new styles specifically made to overcome all performance barriers. From complete adjustability, strengthened scaffolding, and ventilation control to four-way material stretch & recovery.


Josh, a popular Indian short video application, created a campaign to make women feel secure when traveling alone and at night to make nighttime internet browsing safe for them. The #SafeSwipe initiative, which was introduced in honor of International Women’s Day, aims to improve the safety of women in India, especially during late-night journeys.

Josh has released a series of partially interactive short movies that seem like phone calls as a component of the campaign, allowing viewers to engage with the video just like they’re getting a phone call from a friend or loved one.

Fire Fox

Firefox Bikes, a luxury bicycle manufacturer recently unveiled its inspirational campaign “#RideYourFire” on the celebration of International Women’s Day.

In the campaign, Firefox honours and honors all the female brand ambassadors, workers, community members, and female channel partners who have made a name for themselves in the field.

The ad emphasises the tremendous capacity of women with in cycling world and demonstrates their ability to push limits and dismantle stereotypes while also providing a forum for them to connect and get inspiration from one another.

Center Fresh

By releasing a unique song called Soch Karo Fresh, Center Fresh celebrates International Women’s Day by highlighting the genuine passion of women who refuse to fit into stereotypes by seizing ground-breaking possibilities across industries that some could refer to as unusual choices.

The song commends these women’s tenacity in not allowing gender stereotypes to prevent them from pursuing their professional goals.

Ace vocalist & rapper “Pratika E Prabhune aka” has brilliantly portrayed this “never-say-never” mentality and powerful grit as she took on the world of rapping, which is typically seen as being extremely male-dominated and is marked by defiance and disobedience.

Elite Group

Elite Developers has started a campaign dubbed #NameplatesOfChange to address a problem that usually gets overlooked: the way women’s names are regularly obscured or missed on nametags, even within their own homes, in a society where women’s rights remain an unattainable aim.

The moving tale of a little girl who fantasizes about having her own house when she gets older but thinks that only males may do so is portrayed in the advertisement.


The #Pathbreakers video campaign was started by Lumikai, a VC fund that focuses on the gaming and interactive media sectors, to highlight 40 of the most pioneering women working in India’s gaming and interactive media sector.

The campaign intends to highlight the achievements of female game designers, developers, broadcasters, policymakers, and founders from companies like Google, Garena, MPL, Games 24X7, Ubisoft, Zynga, Fanclash, Loco, Nazara, and Gamescraft, among others.

Research & Ranking

On International Women’s Day, Research & Ranking, an equities investment advice brand and a division of “Equentis Wealth Advisory Service Private Limited”, launched a new campaign called #KhudKiPehchan to honour the unrestricted spirit of women. The digital movie exposes a common preconceived perspective in how people see women’s identities (pre-determined labels such as daughter, mother, or sister) with their ease multitasking in several jobs.

The multilingual digital film brilliantly illustrates and underlines the low representation of women in the workforce, in executive positions, and on corporate boards.

Tata Technologies

Tata Technologies launched a 10-day campaign to acknowledge and honor the accomplishments of our female executives.

This included an internal and external campaign to highlight the contributions of our female leaders, inviting staff members to submit their inspirational tales of pursuing their goals, and setting up many forums for discussion and award ceremonies.

They are launching a #YouInspireMe employment campaign as part of its internal effort, including webinars on financial management and health and wellness as well as talks, and seminars, including workshops on issues like gender equality, women’s empowerment, and workplace diversity.

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