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Interesting Facts To Know About Silver Lake’s Deal With Reliance Jio

| Published on May 5, 2020

Silver Lake, a U.S. based private company, has bought a 1.15% stake in Reliance Jio after Facebook did the same 12 days back. However, this new investment has raised Reliance Jio’s value by 23%. It looks like Reliance Jio is selling hotcakes all of a sudden as the biggest companies in the world want a share of this 3-year-old telecom enterprise. By the end of March, Jio had more than 370 million subscribers in India.

After Facebook, Silver Lake invests ₹5,656 crore in Reliance Jio ...

What Is The Value Of This Silver Lake-Reliance Jio Deal?

Some of the key points of this new partnership are as follows,

  • Jio platforms will now have an equity value of Rs. 4.90 lakh crore and Rs. 5.15 lakh crore will be the enterprise value.
  • This deal was sought after through Morgan Stanley’s financial advisory to Reliance Jio.
  • Silver Lake is a known face in the mark, having made investments in Airbnb, Twitter, Dell Technologies and Alphabet’s Verily.
  • This investment provides a 12.5% premium to the equity of valuation in comparison to Facebook’s deal.
  • Reliance Jio will further try and enhance the technology they had been working on including Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Augmented Reality etc.

Here’s a look at Jio’s share price trajectory over the last few months.

Will Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio deal in more partnerships this month? We are yet to see.

Source: Business Insider and Hindustan Times

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