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Interesting Facts About India’s Air India One, The Official Aircraft Of India’s PM

| Published on June 4, 2019

Talk about travelling in style, the leaders of our nation are one step ahead of us. Well, why not? Certainly being the leaders of one of the biggest democratic countries has its perks. 

India’s national carrier Air India works as Air India One as the official aircraft for the VVIPs and here’s all the cool things you ought to know about the fancy aircraft and luxury rides. 

1. The VVIP aircraft is operated by Air India for only Vice President, President and Prime Minister. There are currently 5 of these aircrafts available. 

2. The current Air India One flight i.e. Boing 747-400 aircraft was the largest production jet before the Airbus 380 began services. interestingly, AI-1 is always the number that is used for these flights. 

 3. Usually flown by 2 pilots, the VVIP flight has 4 pilots on board at all times along with an unofficial staff of 8 pilots on the aircraft. 

4.  Boeing 747-400 jumbo jets are currently used for state visits and medium to long haul visits. When not on state visits these planes are used for flying both within India and to nearby places to India. 

5. With luxury at its best Boeing 747-400 has suites for the VVIP guests, a bedroom, a lounge, a six-seater office, satellite phones and other facilities. 

6. The security is the top priority in these aircraft so the Special Protection Groups conducts swab tests on every switch and lever in the cockpit.

7.  Air Force One is also adding two more advanced aircrafts called Boeing 777 for the long haul trips for all the VVIPs

8. These flights are said to have the most advanced security gizmos, including missile warning and counter-measure dispensing systems.

9. Boeing 777 can reportedly store food for 2,000 people and will have air-to-air refuelling facilities in case of emergencies.

10. Boeing 777 will have varied modes of communication, with mobile and satellite phones to be specially customized to connect with on-ground airline officials. The plane will also have an onboard medical staff who will be available 24×7 and a fitted operation theater.

11. The flight will be equipped with large aircraft infrared countermeasures (LAIRCM) self-protection suites (SPS) which will be offering a complete and comprehensive RF-Laser-EO protection shell for the aircraft for an estimated cost of $190 million.

12. Boeing 777’s security will be top notch with LAIRCM, Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite, Counter-Measures Dispensing System (CMDS). These are to protect both the Boeing 777 aircraft. This will also include twelve guardian laser transmitter assemblies, missile warning sensors, counter-measures dispensing system.

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