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Instagram’s Threads Unveils Exciting New Features

Threads by Instagram has unveiled a range of exciting upgrades, taking your messaging experience to new heights.

| Published on November 1, 2023

Instagram's Threads Unveils Exciting New Features

Meta, takes a leap forward with its groundbreaking Threads platform. Launched in July, Threads has become a sensation, and the recent announcement by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg adds more fuel to the excitement. The introduction of an Edit button and Voice feature promises a transformative experience for Threads users.

Curious about what’s new in Threads? Let’s explore the latest features that are about to elevate your messaging experience.

Edit Button

instagram's threads app screen

The long-awaited Edit button is now a reality on Threads. Currently rolling out to users across mobile and web applications, this feature allows real-time editing within a five-minute window. Users can correct typos, update information, and refine posts. Notably, Threads’ Edit function comes with certain limitations in comparison to competitors like X.

Limitations of Edit History

instagram's threads app screen

Unlike some rivals, Threads doesn’t retain an edit history for posts. Users can edit their posts multiple times within the five-minute window, but only the final version is visible to others. Once the window closes, further edits become impossible, preserving the real-time nature of Threads.

Voice Threads

instagram's threads app screen

Adding a new dimension to communication, Voice Threads enables users to post recorded voice messages within Threads. Similar to WhatsApp’s voice note feature, Voice Threads adds a personal touch, as messages are audible to all Thread followers.

Account Connection and Verification

instagram's threads app screen

To join Threads, an existing Instagram account is a prerequisite. However, this connection ensures continuity without affecting your Instagram presence. Verified Instagram handles retain their username and badge on Threads, allowing customization of profile details for a unique Thread experience.

Have you noticed these new features on Threads?

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