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Instagram Expands Its Creator Marketplace To 8 New Markets, Including India

In a company blogpost on Meta, Instagram announced that in order to make it ‘easier’ for brands and creators to collaborate on its platform, the social media platform has now expanded Instagram’s Creator Marketplace to India and seven other countries.

| Published on February 22, 2024

Instagram Expands Its Creator Marketplace To 8 New Markets, Including India

After kickstarting the testing phase of Creator Marketplace in the US in 2022, social media platform, Instagram has now expanded the same to India and seven other countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan and Brazil.

Announcing the same via a company blogpost on Meta, Instagram highlighted that this move is aimed at making the collaboration between brands and creators ‘easier’ for partnership opportunities.

“Brands have told us it can be challenging to source creators for partnership ads. That’s why we’re excited to begin testing our brand new, machine learning-based recommendations that use Instagram data to help brands more easily discover creators who are the best fit for their campaigns. Eligible brands can access these recommendations over the coming months on Instagram’s creator marketplace in Meta Business Suite,” it stated in the blogpost.

Post the launch of Instagram’s Creator Marketplace in India, what will become easier for brands, as per the social media platform is Partnership ads (formerly known as branded content ads) as they allow advertisers to amplify content with a creator or other partner’s handle to scale their collaborations.

Instagram Creator Marketplace, Meta

“Partnership ads are the most performant and transparent way for advertisers and creators to run ads together and Instagram’s creator marketplace helps brands discover creators to partner with,” the blogpost mentioned.

To make the process easier, the social media platform also suggested that brands can join and access Instagram’s Creator Marketplace via Meta Business Suite whereas creators can access join from their professional dashboard and indicate brands and interests relevant to them in addition to creating a portfolio of what makes them unique.

It is after this that Instagram will test its new custom, machine learning-powered creator recommendations for each brand and help match the right creators to them and vice versa for campaigns.

“Brands can also search for creators, filtering for creator and audience attributes. They can also see a list of creators who have expressed interest and check out creator portfolios,” the blogpost added.

Moreover, Instagram, in its blogpost, also drew attention to the fact that once the creators join the creator marketplace, they will receive brand messages in a dedicated Partnership Messages folder at the top of the Primary tab as brands can reach out to them directly or even create and send a project to multiple creators outlining the branded content or partnership ad opportunity.

“Creators can review the details and requirements of the opportunity, as well as the rate, all within the Instagram app,” the blogpost further explained.

Instagram Creator Marketplace, Meta

And once, both, the brand as well as the creator, come to an agreement, they are ready to create.

In doing so, while advertisers will be able to boost organic Instagram content as partnership ads, including branded content with the paid partnership label, they’d also have the option to create new partnership ads in Ads Manager.

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