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How Inshorts Makes Money Without Charging Anything To Users

| Published on February 16, 2018

We live in a busy world where people don’t have the time to read complete stories behind any happening. Inshorts saw this problem and decided to solve it by making an app that covers news from every industry in an interesting yet simple format.

After getting a good response from Indian audience, the next big issue for the founders was how to earn money through this platform by keeping the content short and interesting. In 2015, the company raised Rs 25 crore and just after four months, Tiger Global group decided to invest a heavy amount of Rs 127 crore. Inshorts staff members want their platform to be ad-free and focus on summarising the content beyond news. But to run a 60 member team, a good revenue model is a must.

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Inshorts has always been free to users and earns money from B2B channels through advertising. Currently, this platform is serving ads of more than 100 brands and the number is increasing every month. There are 3 types of ads that Inshorts use: Full-page ads, Banner ads on featured image and posts written in Powered by category. Let us have a short look at all these types:

1. Full-page ads


If you have used Inshorts in recent days you must have seen a full-screen ad having images, gifs or videos of popular companies. These ads sometimes works wonders for the brands.

2. Banner ads


Inshorts does not use the banner ads in the usual way, they make sure that user experience is not effected in any case. An ad on the featured image of the story we read ensures good visibility and is known as a banner ad.

3. Powered by posts


The third and most profit making type of ad for Inshorts is the sponsored articles that are shown in user feed. Many people have the habit of checking the posts on Inshorts in a hurry and this type of ad is the best to get readers informed about the advertiser company.

It will be very interesting to see how Inshorts plans its revenue model in the future and will they ever try to play with the experience of the audience in any way.

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