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INOX Launched The World’s First Megaplex In India

| Published on October 23, 2019

World’s first megaplex launched in India and it can’t get any bigger and better for us movie buffs!
Inox on October 16 launched the world’s first megaplex in Mumbai. Built-in over 60,000 sq ft the megaplex has 11 screens and 6 experiential cinema formats from IMAX to 4DX. Claimed to be Mumbai’s largest multiplex it has a total seating capacity of 1,586.


With six experiential cinema formats, the megaplex has the capability to screen 60 shows and entertain an audience size of 6,000 guests every day.

It also has ScreenX, the world’s first multi-projection technology, offering a 270-degree panoramic viewing experience, with projection on three walls of the auditorium.

The other formats available at the Mumbai megaplex include INSIGNIA, which is Inox’s seven-star format, MX4D offers an advanced immersive environment where viewers feel the action happening on screen from the 14 built-in motions and effects programmed in the seats and the theatre walls.

The megaplex also had a special space for kids called “Kiddles” where they can rejoice and celebrate.
This complete project was built with an investment range of about Rs. 50-60 crore and the ticket prices range from Rs 150 to Rs 1,000.

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