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Infosys Cracks A 451 Crore Contract With Public Services And Procurement Canada

| Published on September 29, 2018

Infosys Public Services cracked a contract worth 80.3 million CAD, which is approximately Rs. 451 crore, with Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).


About PSPC

Public Services and Procurement Canada plays an important role in the daily operations of the Government of Canada as a key provider of services for federal departments and agencies. It supports them in the achievement of their mandated objectives as their central purchasing agent, linguistic authority, real property manager, treasurer, accountant, integrity adviser, and pay and pension administrator.


The Role of Infosys

Infosys Public Services would be working with Ernst & Young LLP and Sap Canada Inc. in order to digitize the PSPC procurement system through implementation and management of a cloud-based electronic procurement solution.


This new solution would enable an intuitive, web-based portal for PSPC and its suppliers to get access to the procurement information and services. The portal will support both English and French as the languages used. The portal would also enable PSPC to make purchases of various goods and services through this single medium, configure specific requirements and access reporting and analytic data in real time to support more effective decision making and solution providing.

Brand Speak

“Navigating their programs and services to a digital future requires organizations to not only identify the right technologies to implement but also to enable them quickly and at-scale,” Infosys Public Services Chief Executive Officer Eric

This deal is definitely a big one for Infosys and will add much more to its overall valuation.

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