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IndoAsian Celebrates #NoBadbadNoGadbad Diwali With India’s First Electrical Festival

| Published on October 27, 2019

Indians spend more money during the Diwali season than any other festival. It has been the biggest revenue generator for offline retailers but their overall annual sales are getting hit because of lack of various means of aiding or enhancing business growth, such as online presence, clean access to shops, etc.

In order to help offline retailers, IndoAsian, a leading brand in manufacturing Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCBs) and Distribution Boards (DBs), has organised India’s first electrical festival at Kotla

A complete platform for offline retailers

With Kotla Electrical Shopping Festival, IndoAsian has provided a complete platform to retailers to talk about the problems they face in their business.

IndoAsian has dedicated a whole week (21st to 27th October) in order to remove all the Gadbad (obstacles) retailers go through on an everyday basis. The best part is that the brand is doing all this without the Badbad (overpromise). It is simply offering solutions for offline retailers to make the business week before Diwali a truly hassle-free one!

The implementation

Talking about the implementation, IndoAsian has organised cleanliness drives, shop accesses have been cleared and retailers have been given an online presence by which they can easily be found with the help of geo-tagging feature on the carnival’s official page online. All this is aimed to draw more traffic towards the retailers’ businesses and give them a chance to celebrate #NoBadbadNoGadbad Diwali.

Traffic and Safety management

Considering the huge crowd this market witnesses during the festive season, arrangements have been made to manage traffic for ease of movement by deploying local and traffic police. Even firefighters have been kept on standby to ensure extra safety.

Not only this, IndoAsian has associated with the local retailer association, making the market more conducive for customer visits, thereby enabling better business opportunities for electrical retailers before Diwali which is the peak time for their businesses.

Available Electrical products

Customers can find anything and everything related to electricity from switch boards, distribution boards, transformers to meters, circuit breakers and home appliances.

What makes this initiative special?

Knowing the pace at which the digital medium is growing, this initiative by IndoAsian is practically helping offline retailers be better prepared for future business needs. Considering the proper planning and execution, we can easily say that, it has created a new benchmark for other brands. For those who wish to visit the market can find all the information about the Carnival on

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