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IndiGo Launches New Bangkok To Varanasi Flights, Social Media Calls It ‘Paap & Praschit’ Route

| Published on December 22, 2018

Social Media platforms have given freedom to consumers for talking about whatever they feel about what brands do. We get to see a lot of humor, anger and praise by users on digital media because it is the easiest way to express views regarding any topic.


IndiGo announced a new route between Varanasi and Bangkok and people couldn’t help but find humor in it. To give you an idea why this happened, Varanasi is a place among the most visited pilgrimage spots in India and, on the other hand is Bangkok, is popular all across the world for adult fun.

A Twitter user Tarun Shukla (@shukla_tarun) was quick to find the opportunity to make fun of this situation when he came across the advertisement and wrote, “WhatsApp going mad with this. ‘Paap and Praschit route announced by IndiGo’.”

Others joined Tarun and what happened next is more hilarious.

This one is surely an original.

Nailed it!!

Take a bow master.

According to media reports, on the very first day, 70 passengers arrived in Varanasi and 179 went to Bangkok. This aircraft will fly daily and the flight service was introduced by Babatpur Airport director Anil Kumar Rai.

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