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Indigo In Trouble As Pilot Verbally Abuses At Two Passengers

| Published on January 16, 2020

A recent occurrence highlighted how an Indigo Airlines’ pilot shouted and verbally abused a journalist passenger and her wheelchaired mother in the flight from Chennai-Bengaluru.

Even in the presence of other staff of the airlines and flight attendants, the pilot did not keep a check with the words he used and went on shouting at these two passengers without mercy.
indigo pilot

Indigo Pilot Shouted Mercilessly At Two Passengers OnBoard!

People pay to the airlines the most when it comes to traveling and anyone would get upset if they do not get proper facilities and services the price has promised.

Indigo flight 6E 806 passenger Supriya Unni Nair, a journalist by profession, was traveling from Chennai-Bengaluru when she encountered a horrible interaction with the flight’s pilot as she asked for wheelchair assistance for her 75-year-old mother.

The words of the Indigo pilot Jayakrishna were not only rude but extremely disturbing. She threatened Ms.Nair to experience dreadful results if she dared to post the incident on social media, yet she did. She explained what triggered such situation to occur.

After such threat and disrespect, she did not stop herself to express the entire scene on Twitter.

The flight was late and in need of enquiry, she got up and asked the other flight attendants when the captain angrily shouted at her.

The pilot refused to be okay with the fact that the passenger called one of the flight attendants by her name. Whaaaa…?

After that, this burning pilot stopped the wheelchair servants from letting the passenger and her mother out of the aircraft. Shame! When Ms.Nair asked if he was serious with this whole situation, the pilot shouted, “Shut up!”

The entire situation has caused pain to Nair and her mother for obvious reasons. Even if a few of them have apologized, would anyone ever be able to gain her trust (or the trust of those who are reading this) back in the airlines?

Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri obsrved the entire Tweet thread and ordered for necessary action to the whole scene.

No matter where you work, a grocery shop or an airline, you must stand up (being any gender) at the times of such harassment on innocent people. We never negotiate when it comes to paying for such expensive services, then why would we stay quiet when we see the money go waste?

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