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IndiGo Delhi Flight Reaches Istanbul Without Passengers’ Luggage; Airline Gives Bizarre Explanation

| Published on September 17, 2019

Attention please! Indigo Airlines travelling from Delhi to Istanbul has yet again grabbed eyeballs for a massive blunder. 


Indigo Airlines flight, 6E 11 on Sunday offloaded the checked-in baggage of passengers flying on the plane and later came up with a bizarre explanation. 

It was when the passengers landed at the airport, they were informed by the ground staff through a letter about the operational issue. 

“Unfortunately due to the exceptionally heavy headwind, we had certain payload restrictions on a few fights to Istanbul, which led to offloading of a limited number of checked-in baggage,” said IndiGo in its official statement.

In the statement given by the airlines today Indigo apologised its passengers for the inconvenience and assured them of the upgrade made.

“In light of these limitations, we have upgraded our aircraft and adjusted the payload as long as the prevailing wind conditions remain, so all the left behind baggage will be carried today. We regret the inconvenience caused to our passengers.”

The incident left passengers baffled. Here’s how they reacted on Twitter:

A Twitter user posted the picture of the letter given to them by the ground staff while they were waiting for their luggage.

Another user tweeted urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend help, saying her brother’s epileptic medication was in the luggage.

A passenger also claimed that all passengers were “(unintentionally) being served these Beef salami sandwiches as refreshments, without any information of its contents (which are in written in Turkish)”.

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