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IndiGo Claims Of Mistreatment With Employees During Coronavirus Pandemic In India

| Published on March 25, 2020

Following suit with AirIndia, IndiGo employees came out with their experience of being ill-treated despite doing their duties more than ever during this coronavirus epidemic. While most of us have been confined to the four corners of our house, people in aviation, health, banking and other essential services are still out there, risking their lives and carrying out their duties. They are risking it all to ensure that we remain safe. How are we treating them?

In recent news, the IndiGo crew was being shunned from their societies after rescuing Indian passengers stuck in Italy. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, travel can become detrimental but those serving this line of duty cannot help themselves. Sadly enough, they are being ostracized by their families and society in general. On 22nd March, PM Narendra Modi brought the whole country together to salute the efforts made by all these heroes in the wake of the pandemic. However, shortly after, they received this response and shared the same on many social media platforms.

Indigo declared this statement in an interview, “We have adequate protocols for self-quarantine in place in case it is required. We are in line with respect to the DGCA guidelines and all advisories/guidelines issued, and these are being followed rigorously.”

As of now, all domestic flight operations have been ceased. Upon confirmation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the 21 days all India lockdown, operations will not resume until further notice. During these difficult times, we need to be there for them, and with them, more than ever!

“Our colleagues have been working selflessly to serve the country at this critical juncture. Our employees have been the front-runners in bringing our citizens back to the country and enabling them to reach their hometowns even during restricted movements. Please support our operating colleagues in such a difficult time,” said an IndiGo staffer.

Source: India Times

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