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India’s Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Channels

| Published on January 24, 2020

YouTube is a platform that can never go out of fashion and is going to stick in our list of “reliable websites” for a very long time in the future. We all watch random music videos and excerpts from our favorite TV shows on it.

Well, here’s a list of Top 10 Indian TV Channels that are viewed the most on YouTube in the year 2019.

1. T-Series

Views: 35.8 B
Subs: 43.8 M
Uploads: 1.4 K
youtube channels

2. Zee TV

Views: 25.8 B
Subs: 16.5 M
Uploads: 48 K
youtube channel

3. Set India

Views: 18.6 B
Subs: 23.0 M
Uploads: 7.2 K
youtube channel

4. Sab TV

Views: 12.7 B
Subs: 11.8 M
Uploads: 6.4 K
youtube channel

5. Zee Music Company

Views: 9.1 B
Subs: 19.3 M
Uploads: 1.1 K
youtube channel

6. Wave Music

Views: 7.1 B
Subs: 10.1 M
Uploads: 1.6 K
youtube channel

7. Shemaroo Filmi Gaane

Views: 6.3 B
Subs: 12.3 M
Uploads: 1.4 K
youtube channel

8. Colors TV

Views: 5.9 B
Subs: 6.9 M
Uploads: 8.5 K
youtube channel

9. YRF

Views: 5.5 B
Subs: 9.9 M
Uploads: 0.1 K
youtube channel

10. Shemaroo

Views: 4.8 B
Subs: 7.2 M
Uploads: 0.7 K
youtube channel
Which one do you watch the most?

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