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These Indians Ads Are So Annoying But Yet Tough To Forget!

| Published on July 19, 2017

Few Ads make us go all say in our minds ‘Yet Again’ or ‘Please Stop’. When few ads do catch our attention by their innovative ideas some are so annoying that we fell we never do see that again. But we gotta admit that these yet remain in our memories for a long time.

For example the annoying Airtel girl,no matter how infuriated we felt at her presence still we couldn’t ignore her and her lines and this definitely is a great market skill. Memes are also made about them which makes them more viral and this is also one of the strongest brand strategies that could ever be done by a brand.

Let us look at few ads that truly is annoying but still we remember and is a great refection of good strategy:

1. Fogg Deodorant

Never understood why alwys everyone in the ad kept on asking and people answer “Fogg Chal Raha hai!” That we must admit was irritating yet still remains bright in the mind of all of us!

2. Colgate

No matter what you are doing and wherever you are as soon as you experience a tooth ache, comes up someone rather like a lightening to ask you, “Kya aapke toothpaste mai namak hai?” This was very irritating but went around viral.

3. Harpic

Nothing on earth can make you forget this ad? Hussain invades your bathroom and asks you to take the Harpic challenge. It goes on and on without ending and doesn’t care whether you whine about it! Clever attempt I must say!


4. Idea

IIN is still a talked around topic by masses. The hole idea of the ad made it hilarious and people started trolling about the idea of studying in IIN rather than giving entrance exams. What on earth must have brought the idea of selling a sim card by inventing a weird way of studying?


5. StarTV

Remember the annoying jingle? Dabba hai dabba, Uncle ka TV Dabba! This came during T20 World Cup, the logic was crappy but the tone was catchy to grab the attention!

6. Dettol

Well this jingle keeps on coming again and again in each day. The ad has only one word that keeps on getting repeated millions of times and that definitely gets on nerves.

7. Fair And Lovely

The stupidest logic and tale of miracle. It always features a normal dark-skinned girl who does not get chance due to her appearance. But a tube of the fairness cream does all wonders for her. Hope life was that easy!

8. Axe Deo

Remember “boom chik wao wao”? There’s always an overdramatic situation that exists. Girls running and desiring for more as soon as a man boasts off his deo. The concept goes overhead!


9. Vimal Pan Masala

With eve of completion of 25 years they came up with a new ad featuring Ajay Devgan. But if you follow the trend you will see that they are celebrating 25 years for more than a while now. Maybe time stands still for them!

10. Mahindra Gusto

After this ad actually you will think that what was they trying to say. Like excuse me? “Tujhe Gusto leni hai Gusto le, Gusto leni hai Gusto le.” Isn’t there any better choice like as we have any?


Is there any other ad that gives you headache still you remember each and every part o it? Let us know!

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