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Indian Youtubers Response To Pakistani Ad Will Make You Laugh

| Published on June 16, 2019

In response to Pakistan’s Abhinandan ad that recently went viral for all the wrong reasons, Indian Youtube channel “V Seven Pictures” release their own take on the Pakistani ad ahead oad of today’s India-Pakistan match.

The ad shows a man sitting in a salon in an Indian jersey when another man walks in wearing a Pakistani jersey who offers a handkerchief as a gift to the Indian fan and telling him that it will help him hide his face after India loses against Pakistan in the World Cup match.

In the remaining portion of the ad the Indian man and the barber target the Pakistani fan with a twist in Abhinandan’s trademark style.

The Indian version of the ad also garnered reactions from Indian fans who deemed it a ‘befitting reply’ to the previous advert.


Let us know how are you rooting for your Men in Blue today in the comment section.

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