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Indian Vlogger Travels Halfway Around The World To Watch PewDiePie

| Published on April 26, 2019

Saiman Waghdhar, Indian Vlogger travelled halfway around the world to watch PewDiePie banned video

Delhi High Court recently banned “B**ch Lasagna” and “Congratulations” on Youtube in India for being racist and inflammatory towards T-Series. 

But being a die hard fan Saiman Waghdhar a popular Indian blogger flew all the way to the United Kingdoms to watch PewDiePie banned video. In the video he uploaded says, “PewDiePie, I’m coming for you !!! (meet me please)” reminiscing how, “Life has been for me. I used to watch B**ch Lasagna 399 times in a day and now I cannot even watch it once back in India.”

Though despite the ban the song is still available in India with users posting copies of the songs though other channels. The “diss tracks” “B**tch Lasagna” and “Congratulations” were aimed at T-series, the popular Indian music company which now has the most subscribers on Youtube with 95 million. 

Although Waghdhar has clarified that his travel to UK was not for the sole reason of meeting PewDiePie but that he also had plans to travel for another project. 

The Saiman Says channel blew up in November last year when Waghdhar responded to MrBeast’s video by creating a parody video where he bought up billboards advertising T-Series in India. 

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