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Indian Railways Warns Passengers In Avengers Style On Twitter

| Published on April 28, 2019

Indian Railways chooses to go the Avengers way to warn its passengers

Avengers Endgame release has surely left eyes wet and hearts full of all. The Marvel movie not only made it big at the box office globally but broke major records. Avengers Endgame made $6o million at the US box office on its opening night, therefore, breaking the record of Stars Wars: The Force Awakens that held the record of making $57 million on its opening night.

With Avengers craze at its peak, Western Railway on Wednesday warned its passengers against trespassing railway tracks in Avengers style on Twitter. The tweet said,” No Avenger is coming to save your life here; you will have to be your own savior and choose a safer way. Please use the foot over bridges and escalators and do not trespass the railway tracks.”

With its recent tweet history, looks like Western Railways is surely keeping up with the trends on social media and making the best use of it. Be it the much-awaited Game of Thrones season 8 or even Bollywood blockbuster Gully Boy Western Railways surely played their front in the most trending ways on the social media platforms.

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