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Indian-Origin Women Business Leaders Shine On Forbes’ 2023 Richest Self-Made Women List

| Published on July 12, 2023

In a remarkable feat of success and achievement, four Indian-origin women have made their mark on Forbes’ prestigious Richest Self-Made Women list for 2023.

Jayshree Ullal, Neerja Sethi, Neha Narkhede, and Indra Nooyi have secured their positions among the top 100 successful entrepreneurs, executives, and entertainers, boasting a combined wealth of a staggering $124 billion, marking a remarkable 12% increase from the previous year.

These inspiring entrepreneurs have not only attained significant wealth but have also demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation in their respective fields.

Let’s delve into the stories of these extraordinary women who have carved their path to success and continue to inspire others.

1. Jayshree Ullal: Engineering Success in Silicon Valley

Ranking at an impressive 15th position on the Forbes list is Jayshree Ullal, a Silicon Valley engineer and Cisco veteran. Ullal took the reins as CEO of Arista Networks in 2008, transforming the company from its humble beginnings to a publicly-traded powerhouse. With a net worth of $2.2 billion, Ullal’s leadership has propelled Arista Networks to remarkable revenue growth, defying industry challenges.

2. Neerja Sethi: Pioneering IT Consulting and Outsourcing

Neerja Sethi, at number 25 on the list, co-founded Syntel, an IT consulting and outsourcing firm, alongside her husband in 1980. Their entrepreneurial journey began in their apartment, and through dedication and innovation, they built Syntel into a multi-billion-dollar company. Sethi’s net worth stands at $990 million, showcasing her incredible achievements in the technology industry.

3. Neha Narkhede: Disrupting with Fraud Detection Innovation

At number 50, Neha Narkhede is making waves as a software engineer-turned-entrepreneur. Narkhede co-founded Oscilar, a cutting-edge fraud detection firm, with her husband, fueled by a $20 million investment. Her visionary approach and expertise have positioned her as a rising star in the tech industry, with a net worth of $520 million.

4. Indra Nooyi: A Trailblazer in Corporate Leadership

Indra Nooyi, ranked 77th on the list, is a trailblazer in corporate leadership and the first woman of color and immigrant to lead PepsiCo. During her tenure as CEO and Chair, Nooyi steered PepsiCo to new heights, solidifying its position as one of America’s largest companies. With a net worth of $350 million, Nooyi continues to contribute her expertise as a director for Amazon, Philips, and recently joined Deutsche Bank’s Global Advisory Board.

Between The Lines

These remarkable Indian-origin women have shattered glass ceilings, defied expectations, and showcased immense talent. Their inclusion on Forbes’ list is a testament to their hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Their accomplishments inspire future generations and highlight the rising influence and power of women entrepreneurs. They have not only built successful enterprises but have also paved the way for a more inclusive and diverse business landscape. Their stories remind us that determination, innovation, and resilience can lead to incredible success.

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