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Indian Juice Vendor Goes Viral For Serving Juice In Fruit Shells

| Published on February 7, 2020

Conserving the environment is the need of the hour now more than ever. From big brands to individual citizens, everyone is trying to make an effort to contribute to the conservation in one way or the other.

One such vendor in Bengaluru has contributed in his unique way. A shop owner has started a unique initiative to keep the environment clean in Bengaluru’s suburb, Malleshwaram by selling juice in fruit shell. The juice shop named ‘Eat Raja‘ offers juice in the particular fruit shell to avoid any wastage.

ANI shared a tweet on their official Twitter handle introducing the social media with this initiative.

Anand Raj was a radio-jockey for twelve years. He quit his job to take over his father’s juice center when he passed away two years ago. Formerly known as ‘Karnataka Travels and Juice Centre’, Anand decided to rename the shop as ‘Eat Raja’.

As reported by Deccan Herald, Raj shared the story behind the unusual name, “Every parent is concerned if their children have eaten or not. My dad, especially, used to say ‘thinnappa raja’ (eat raja) a lot. So, I decided to name the shop ‘Eat Raja’ in his memory.”

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Interestingly, the juice shop has found more than one way to conserve the environment. People who bring their own steel cups to prevent the use of plastic get a discount and can drink juice in Rs 20 only. The shop also offers free juice to encourage people to quit smoking in view of the clean environment.

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