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Indian Jugad: This Touch-Me-Not Paani Puri Facility Will Get You Craving

| Published on September 19, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely put a halt to our street food craving. Gone are the days when we could freely go to any stall and have some of the best street food delicacies available in town. Currently, we want hygiene to be of utmost importance, and hence a number of small-time vendors have gone out of business. But what if we told you there was a safe way of eating your favourite paani puri? This stall at Raipur will definitely get your innovative spirit buzzing.

This small time store called ‘Touch Me Not’ ensures that the paani puri you eat does not come out of your regular paani puri stalls. The paani puri gets created automatically, without unnecessary contact with humans. Don’t believe us? Check out this clip shared by IAS Awinash Sharan, who took to his Twitter to share how necessity drives innovation and what a wonderful technology this paani puri wala used to ensure that he has a line of customers every day.

The puffed and crisp puris are clearly prepared by the vendor. After he hands it over, the customer has the choice to choose which kind of water he wants along with the puris to make it interesting. There are different varieties that can satiate your taste buds. This video has become popular since it was launched and shared on various platforms! The reactions are getting people closer to trying and experimenting with new food items.


This has definitely got our mouths watering as well! This seems like a safe alternative that we would love to try. Would you? Or would you rather stick to home-cooked food without taking any risks?

We agree that the risk has not completely gone away. But this situation will stick with us for a bit. As we innovate and sail through, here’s hoping that going out and dining becomes easier as more and more geniuses, like this paani puri guy, come up with their ideas.

Source: Indian Express

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