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This Indian Jugaad Impressed Anand Mahindra & He Wants To Make A Museum For Such Things

| Published on June 23, 2018

India is full of creative minds. Our country is seen as the creator of unique concepts to solve a problem. We Indians have a different vision of seeing problems and we come up with solutions which are productive and not too costly at the same time.


The desi term used for this talent in our country is Jugaad and the chairman of Mahindra group Anand Mahindra is so much impressed by the jugaad of a guy that he wants to build a museum for storing such things. Mahindra used Twitter to share this and wrote “I have long advocated that india can’t settle only for ‘jugaad’ (make-do)& has to shoot for ‘jhakaas’ (Mumbai slang for ‘brilliant’)Still, I would like to create a museum of these fascinating jugaad devices somewhere. Maybe at Mahindra Reaearch Valley in Chennai?”
He even tagged Rajan Wadhera, the president of Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra in this tweet.

The video shows a man sitting on a machine that cleans the floor as it moves forward. This became a new topic to talk about for users on Twitter and they shared their views on this.
This is indeed a very good idea

“If necessity is the mother of all invention, discontent is the father of all progress”!!

We all need to do collection of Jugad at one place

How about taking this idea further?

This is not the first time when Mahindra has shared something very innovative on Twitter. Earlier he shared the image of a cobbler who impressed him with his marketing skills. He even helped the same cobbler by gifting him a proper stall to work.

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