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Indian Guy Wins Apple’s Night Mode Photo Challenge

| Published on March 5, 2020

Apple declared Mitsun Soni (resident of Mumbai) the winner of the Night Mode Photo Challenge who was among the six iPhone photographer winners. He happened to have captured a red color tree amidst the city buildings stood tall and broad in a silent nostalgic place.

Many people across the globe became part of this challenge and shared their night-mode-images clicked via iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and in the end, the judges chose six people out of thousands of submissions and Soni won it!

The Best Night-Mode Capture

He clicked the beautiful photo from his iPhone 11 Pro and it is such a praise-worthy clicked that just plays with your senses once you take a look at it!

“This one blows my mind. I have no idea where that deep rich red light is coming from on the tree. It almost feels like a UFO sitting above the tree, just out of frame. Absolutely beautiful composition as well”, said a judge at the panel.

The photo is sure going to be displayed in a gallery at, global billboards and of course, Apple Instagram. iPhone 11 Pro that comes with a triple-camera system enables the users to click like a real professional that also does wonders with its night-mode element.

“The rich red colour of the tree and ground gives this picture an otherworldly quality. Paired with the night sky, it feels like a still from a sci-fi film”, said Arem Duplessis.

Soni’s Instagram is full of such beautiful clicks that are worth checking out for the pleasure of your eyes whereas the iPhone’s camera-clarity has done everything to enhance the photography experience. Check more on his Instagram handle by clicking below.
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