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Indian Government Launches A New Show About “Startups” On Doordarshan.

| Published on July 18, 2019

Startup culture has recently seen tremendous growth in India. More and more people are commencing their startup firms every year. What would have seemed impossible a decade ago, is very much achievable now. All thanks to the growing technology and social media access across the nation.

Any startup requires strong marketing strategies to spread the word around in order to stand their ground in the market. And social media has been proven really useful for the purpose. Not only can you grow a business but also get ideas about how to start up your own.

But what about the places where people do not have access to social media or even the internet for that matter. There are still many rural areas who have not yet become as tech-savvy as the people in the metros. But that does not mean that they do not have any start-up ideas of their own. Our Indian Government has taken an initiative in order to provide access to people in such areas.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, during her budget speech on 5th July, announced a show to be telecasted on Doordarshan. The show called, Startup ki Baat, hosted by Neelu Vyas features successful entrepreneurs who talk about their ideas, inspirations, and their startup journeys. The show is an hour-long and will be telecasted every Sunday at 5 pm.

The first episode featured Dhruv Sahni, whose two-year-old company ShipsKart had grown to monthly revenues of Rs. 80 crore with a team of 12. And Karan Nambiar, whose app Trunk It Music was giving independent musicians a platform to be discovered. The duo talked about their startup stories on the show in front of a live audience.

With this show, the Government aims to encourage more and more youth to learn about the startup culture. This will help them to get the courage and information that they may need to start their own business. India has a lot of potential ideas and all it needs is a little push. This show may not become the talk show of the century but it might just do the trick it is meant to do.

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