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Indian Giants Who Are Not Firing New Employees Because Of COVID-19 Pandemic

| Published on April 15, 2020

It is unfortunate to see how most companies in India, and subsequently the world, are letting go of new hires due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even though a lot of companies cannot function because of the new WFH structure, certain others are doing their best to keep the newcomers intact. Among them are the popular Indian giants including HCL, TCS, Cognizant and Capgemini.

How are the Indian Giants Hiring During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

In the new financial year, Wipro and TCS are set to hire 40,000 new employees. The list also includes Google that will focus on getting fresh graduates on board.

Cognizant revealed in February 2020 how it is prepared to hire 20,000 ‘digitally ready’ recruits. However, owing to the coronavirus outbreak, the recruiting dates are yet to be announced It is scheduled to take place as soon as the outbreak subsides shortly.

Capgemini offered 4,000 job offers to lateral employees and 2,000 freshers were recruited by the end of March. The company plans on retaining all the new hires for future work, which would be facilitated once the crises comes to an end.

Corporate India Will Spend 34% More on Recruitment Budgets in 2019 ...

IITs across India are scheduled to have a second round of interviews. V Ramgopal Rao, the director of IIT Delhi said in an interview, “These students are capable of getting you out of recession faster than you can imagine.”

We are hopeful to see how the economy copes up with losses and gets back on track once the lockdown is exempted.

Source: Business Insider

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