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1 minutes read

Indian Followers Brutally Troll Randi Zuckerberg For Her Name

| Published on June 12, 2019

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently took to  his Facebook account to congratulate his sister Randi Zuckerberg on having won two Tony Awards for her Broadway musicals. But the post soon lost all its gleam as Indians in huge numbers brutally trolled and made unnecessary comments at Randi’s name.

While the post managed to garner over 148K likes and 24K comments, the comment section was filled with not so needed comments from the Indian followers. Also, it was not the first time Indians have trolled Randi Zuckerberg for her name. In fact the fact of the matter is that Indians do make for some of the most ruthless and obnoxious trolls out there.

The comments only went onto become more vile and vulgar which also caught the attention of Westerners.


Often for a moment of fun, we forget to draw lines causing people to suffer indeed a great deal of pain. Trolling someone for their name and background is not only extremely unpleasant but also not appreciated.

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