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Indian Car Photographer Does A Stunning Lamborghini Photoshoot With A ‘Toy Car’ At Home In Lockdown

| Published on September 5, 2020

The pandemic came as a shock to all of us. The people who got infected with the disease have been in a battle for their life. However, the ones who were lucky enough to not get infected had their own struggles. The lockdown imposed by governments all over the world left us unprepared.

People had to cancel or postpone all the work-related stuff as what could be more important than saving one’s life. The world was divided into two categories of people. One who welcomed the lockdown and tried to work around the new normal and the other who was just struggling to understand and adjust to what the pandemic had done to all our lives.

While some were sulking away on how they were missing out on important work, there were some who just found the way. One such person is an India-based photographer, Kunal Kelkar.

Faking a 'Rolling' Photo Shoot with a Toy Car and a Treadmill


The year 2020 started on a very promising note for Kunal when he was in talks with Lamborghini for a photoshoot. Kunal & his partner were all set to fly to Italy for the photoshoot. But as the pandemic hit and the world went into lockdown, all his plans seemed to have flushed away.

However, Kunal did not let the pandemic ruin his plans. He found an interesting way to beat the blues.

He did his photoshoot at home with a 1:18-scale Lamborghini Huracán replica. Moreover, he used his treadmill at home to give the effect of an actual road in motion. The results of his photoshoot were simply stunning.

He used a spray bottle to create the rain and water on the treadmill and also used a ping pong table net to make the track fencing in order to create a realistic-looking scene.

Kunal admits that it wasn’t as easy as it may seem. Using a toy car and giving it a realistic look was a challenge in itself. He had attached the toy car to the treadmill with the help of a string but still, it kept bouncing from its place. The proportion of the toy car was also different from the actual model.

But when you see the final result of the photoshoot, the only thing one sees is the sheer brilliance & creativity of Kunal.

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