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India Overtakes USA To Become Facebook’s Biggest Market!

| Published on July 15, 2017

As reported by 13th July 2017, Facebook users in India has surpassed the number of users in USA. With the announcement that Facebook now has 2 billion users worldwide came the new rankings of the countries around the world to reveal that India now boasts of 241 million users.

USA presently has 240 millions of active users which makes India come to the top.

This is the first time a country has overtaken Facebook’s home country in term of users.


India is the second most populous country with 1.2 billion people residing and China with highest population doesn’t stand a chance as using Facebook is banned there. Though USA has 320 million population, still low and poor internet connectivity available at certain locations maybe the reason of such less numbers. On the other hand, India has witnessed a lot of internet development in past few months and cheap availability of data packages.

36% of Indians now have access to the internet and large part of them use Facebook for sure! In India active users rose by 27% in the last six months, compared to just 12% for the US.


Facebook is quite a popular social media platform in India as 54% use the service at least once a day, and 84% access it from their mobile phones. According to reports half of the users are below 25 age group and 76% are male.

Mark Zuckerberg have earlier visited India many a times and also invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Facebook headquarters. Facebook looks to increase their base in India and boasts of larger offices now in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. They have also launched several initiative policies and Facebook Lite!

But a concern still remains as Facebook’s increase in number of user base in India is relatively low and also the number of female users is less compared to USA whee 54% females are involved. But with new policies and increase in telecom market, Facebook surely will witness better growths in Indian market!

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