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India And Bangladesh Engineers Create World’s Thinnest Camera Lens

| Published on October 21, 2019

There are days when we love our smartphones and there are days when we hate them. The hate? It’s when it doesn’t feel right in our hands. It’s when the awesome camera bulges out from separately occupied space at the back of our phones. You keep it on the table, keep it in your pocket or keep it in the desk, the smartphone always wobbles due to the camera.

It’s a painful but like a necessary evil too!

Is it something to bear for a lifetime?

It doesn’t seem so. Thanks to the world’s luck, engineers at the University of Utah have developed an extremely thin camera lens. Remember, the reason our camera bounces out is because of its most important component, the lens. According to the engineers on the team, the lens is actually a thousand times thinner than the usual ones used these days and also a hundred times lighter. So not only is the bulging out gone but also the weight reduces!

What has been the development?

The glass developed is actually a flat one, different from the usual curved lens. The microstructures work together as one to form the lens, where the light directly bends at the sensor. The whole thing is made via a new kind of polymer and the algorithm of microstructures.

The benefits?

Like mentioned, it would drastically help smartphones and consumers. Moreover, it is believed the manufacturing cost will go down since it is made using plastic instead of glass.

Another advantage is allowing this lens to be used in military drones, making them lightweight and capable of traveling long distances. Furthermore, even photographers can use them for lightweight cameras, easy to carry around in trips and long-distance shots!

Hopefully, this launch will be another step towards a smarter future. Moreover, anything that reduces costs and improves efficiency, right?

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