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Inbox By Gmail & Google+ To Say Good Bye After April 2. See Why

| Published on March 24, 2019

Everything has an expiry date. 2019 will witness major changes amongst the line of Google apps. Google Allo, Google’s instant messaging app, is scheduled to shut down this month accompanied by a few more – Like, Google+, and Inbox by Gmail.

Google announced its plans to terminate the services of the popular mobile email app last year but did not mention any specific date. Well, the date has been declared, Inbox app is all set to bid goodbye to its users on the same day as Google+ – April 2nd, 2019.

Still using Inbox by Gmail? It’s likely that you must have received an in-app notice announcing that the app will be ‘going away’ soon.

Here’ what you must know:

Google had launched the Inbox by Gmail app back in 2014. The app was meant for a dynamic approach especially for the ones who had to deal with a lot of emails on a daily basis. Its features allowed users to automatically generate replies, create bundles, and many more.

Realizing the popularity of Inbox by Gmail features, Google has been uplifting some of its features to the regular Gmail app over the past few months. Even after changes in the Gmail app, it will not be able to take the place of Inbox by Gmail. Sadly, core services of the app will stop functioning on April 2, so sticking onto the last version in hopes of continuing to use it in the future won’t work.

The Countdown has begun!

With April 2 approaching closer day-by-day, Google has even made it harder for users to find and download Inbox by Gmail for obvious reasons, thus, in case you were looking to try it out for one last time before it dies, one can just wish you good luck. Moreover, Google has even started in-app countdowns reminding its users to shift to Gmail as soon as possible. Along with it, Google is offering a shortcut that opens the Gmail app for Inbox by Gmail users.

Till date, Gmail has received few Inbox by Gmail features including Smart Reply, Nudges, inline attachments, and more. However, Gmail will not get through all of them.

Google is undoubtedly putting some genuine efforts to ensure that its users are satisfied with their services which in turn only helps them create brand loyalty!

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