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Why Do We Still Have Less Women In Business? – In Conversation With Muskaan Tandon, Marketing Director At Shiprocket

As Shiprocket's Director of Marketing, Muskaan Tandon champions innovation in eCommerce.

| Published on January 20, 2024

The Marketing Director of Shiprocket, Muskaan Tandon, talks about the hurdles a woman faces in business, the change in approach towards women in the industry, and much more. With over a decade of experience, she’s a driving force behind captivating brand stories that redefine digital commerce.

In the bustling cityscape, a visionary marketer resides, her passion for storytelling fueling a decade-long journey in the dynamic world of branding and marketing. With an innate fascination for the transformative power of narratives in shaping brands, she embarked on a path guided by innovation and the desire to leave an indelible mark on the industry.

Muskaan Tandon, Director of Marketing - Shiprocket
Muskaan Tandon, Director of Marketing – Shiprocket

“My journey began with a profound desire to create impactful and resonant brand stories.” She talks, her eyes full of excitement, as she starts in this lively place. She aims to grow but is inspired to bring in new ideas and create stories that connect with people.

When we asked her if, as a woman, she could start her professional journey again, what would she do differently?

“I believe that if I had been aware of this understanding, my journey would have been significantly different,” she said. She highlighted the critical importance of understanding gender disparities and their impact on workplace dynamics. “I firmly believe in enabling women-for-women communities that empower and uplift each other,” she emphasizes. Creating platforms for mentorship, sharing experiences, and advocating for an inclusive work environment have been crucial aspects of her mission.

Over the years, she has witnessed a significant shift in the industry’s approach to welcoming women. Notable progress includes increased representation in leadership, flexible work arrangements, robust mentorship programs, and efforts to address gender pay equity. Despite challenges like gender bias, the commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for women remains strong.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, additional hurdles were inevitable, she admits. However, she believes that authenticity, feminine energy, empathy, and resilience are defining qualities for women leaders. “Staying true to oneself and leveraging unique strengths are pivotal,” she advocates.

When asked about what keeps her going every day?

She said that her passion for eCommerce and digital marketing resonates deeply, driven by the prospect of bridging the gap between sellers and buyers, nurturing emerging businesses, and shaping brands from India. “Every day presents an opportunity to create change and make a lasting impact,” she shares with fervor.

When asked about some skills that can take someone a long way in the industry, Muskaan Tandon said…

“Commitment, humility, adaptability, and continuous pursuit of holistic learning are key to success,” she states, reflecting on skills critical for thriving in the industry. Acknowledging the importance of confidently championing ideas and embracing diverse skill sets, she highlights the evolution of her journey.

Addressing the underrepresentation of female-led businesses, she points out systemic barriers, gender biases, and funding disparities as obstacles. However, she sees promising growth and emphasizes a sustained commitment to foster inclusivity.

“To budding women in the industry, my advice revolves around embracing authenticity, demanding equality, valuing contributions, seeking mentorship, and staying true to oneself,” she encourages.

In conclusion, her journey stands as a beacon of empowerment, advocating for an industry where diversity is celebrated and every voice is heard and valued. Her unwavering resolve and dedication stand testament to the transformative power of passion and purpose in driving change.

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